About Guys in Purple

After nearly 40 years of experience, The Guys In Purple know our region & how to create beautiful lawns and landscapes here.

Operating as a small family business, our customer service and reputation are the foundations of our success. We strive to build and maintain attractive lawns & landscapes that add value to the house, and add appeal to the neighborhood.

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We will send out a Guy In Purple for an estimate at no charge to take a look at your yard and see what we can do to help.

The Environment

We incorporate organic products into our regular program. Our summer fertilizer is organic and made entirely of (clean, safe) recycled material that otherwise would have been landfill. All of our fertilizers are organic or organic based, save for our pre-emergent crabgrass control. When we determine that the use of a non-organic material is necessary, we judiciously use those materials with a eye towards achieving what the customer demands with the least amount of excess or external cost.

Our People

All of The Guys In Purple are trained, licensed, and certified in accordance with Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Typically, one person will treat your yard though out the year, which helps us become more familiar with your specific yard & how our program of treatments can offer optimum benefit.

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