Our Tree & Shrub Care Program

Trees and shrubs are a valuable asset to your property, accentuating its beauty and desirability. Our program of scheduled treatments and inspections will keep your trees and shrubs healthy and in top growing condition. The six treatments of the Tree and Shrub Program are spread over the course of the year.

Green Up provides Deep Root Fertilization, which places fertilizer directly into the root zone, where it immediately goes to work. Horticultural Oil Sprays coat and suffocate insect eggs and certain soft bodied insects, such as mites, scales, and aphids. Insect and Mite Control Sprays suppress mite populations and aid in the control of various leaf chewing insects, such as aphids, lace bugs, and leaf miners.

Our Virginia state-certified technicians will inspect your trees and shrubs during every visit, allowing Green Up to detect and control problems before damage occurs. While pesticides are used, Green Up takes an extra measure of care to be responsible for the world around us. As always, we guarantee all of our work, and customers are encouraged to contact the office with questions or concerns.

We guarantee our service, and customers are encouraged to contact the office with any questions or concerns they may have.